The National Autistic Society – The Goldman Sachs of the Charity World

Who would have thought that the National Autistic Society founded by parents in 1962 as the Autistic Children’s Aid Society of North London has turned into a multi-million dollar business one of the richest charities in the world. They have over 100 million and they don’t care about anyone else. They have ruled the autistic world for too long.It is time they were de-throned. They have had it coming for a long long time

Many of us are exasperated at the NAS. They have a multi-million dollar budget but they are running it as a business and not as a charity.

Their Chief Executive is on a huge salary nearly 100 k and 24 NAS executivs are earning over 60 K. tHIS CHArity is the Goldman Sachs of the charity world. They are fuelled by greed. Their desire is to make money – as the expense of autistics

The National Autistic Society has lost the plot – completely lost it. They need a new Chief Executive and a new NAS Board to take the charity in a new direction. We feel we are not being served by the NAS who are a multi-million pound multi-national corporation. They dont’t care about us. It’s time for change.

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