Polly Tommey – must be appointed Autism Tsar

What a strong woman is Polly Tommey she ran a very impressive campaign in the General Election and she was scorimg heavily where were the National Autistic Society who were resting on their millions in the bank – over 100 million to be precise.

Polly had such an amazing billboard campaign – she made people to sit up and think. So what was Mark Lever’s response and the response of the NAS. They started a dirty tricks agenda from City Road, with NAS employees openly briefing against Polly. Really or dear. The Charity authorities must investigate them. Surely it must be against charity law to brief against other charities. The trustees must sack the NAS employees who have briefed against Polly Tommey and others. Why should the NAS get away with it just because they have over a 100 million. Why should money dictate things. It is sickening to see the dirty tricks against Polly. They must go as they are bringing down the name of the National Autistic Society.

The NAS wants to appoint another stooge as Autism Tsar. Well we mothers say appoint Polly Tommey as the Autism Tsar. She can bring people together. The NAS can no longer do that. The dirty tricks against Polly must stop. Sack them all, I say Susie et al.

The Autism Trust have been the victims of a vicious campaign waged by the National Autistic Society. The Charity Commission must back and support Polly Tommey against the dirty tricksters.

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